The Start of a New School

wilkesbarre school

Renovations are underway for the new school! Ike Deemer is heading up the project and looking for volunteers to help. Plans include removing the floor between part of the main and upper levels so a gymnasium can be added, adjusting the height of an existing stairway and exterior door, adding another stairway, remodeling and moving bathrooms, and changing up classroom layouts. The work is dusty and dirty as the men break through layers of plaster, concrete, wire, and block.

The renovations are finished and we are finally moving in! Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this possible and to Ike Deemer for heading up this huge project! We started off our first day in the new building, on January 9, 2017, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.FB_IMG_1484062789085.jpg

From left to right: school board member, Paul Longenecker; Ike Deemer; our two teachers, Miss Schlabach and Miss Wendy; Pastor Mark Weaver; and school board chairman, Wes Kolb.

For more information and photos visit our Facebook page Wilkesbarre Mennonite School.

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